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Dr. Nawar Mohamed is a dedicated and highly skilled orthodontist, renowned for her expertise in creating beautiful smiles With a passion for transforming lives through orthodontic care

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Dr Sadiq Sharaf Dental Center

Dr. Sadiq Sharf Dental Center, welcomes you into a caring atmosphere, where we cater to all your oral health needs in a professional manner. We are committed to provide you with the highest quality of cosmetic dentistry and general dental care through our excellent patient friendly services, co-ordinated by trained and experienced professionals.

Our dream of providing value added dentistry in Bahrain became a reality in the year 1999. Since then, we have grown to be a professionally managed clinic with a strong, experienced & skilled team. We have two branches in Kingdom of Bahrain – one in Riffa and one in Budiya, and both our dental centers are well equipped with the latest dental care equipment, approved by the FDI. We continue to keep ourselves updated with the latest dentistry procedures and advancements in the dental sciences, in order to provide better and more credible services to our patients. We provide special care to children and pregnant women, owing to their delicate needs.

At Dr Sadiq Sharaf Dental Center, We are Highly committed to support you and consult with you in order to provide professional and quality dental services that are aimed at correcting any dental issues you may have. 

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